Something new, something mine? Anna Cabó Solutions

It seems like today should be THE DAY, like today it’s the beginning of something new. But it’s not.

Before I could post something in MY new website, in MY blog it has been a lot of work to do, thousands of conversations, millions of doubts, lots of friends/professionals involved and significant changes in my life.

I admitted, blogging was clearly not my piece of cake. Why should I write something? Who can be interested on? Well, a free advice never say never ,… it can happen!

Rosi Braidotti gives me an amazing push last November 2015 in a friendly lunch in Barcelona after her speech in CCCB.  If she thinks I have something to say maybe I should take it in consideration, do you agree? We talk about changes in life, how we face getting older, “losing” self-independency … even about grey /white hair and how women and men are judged by their look.

Just after this conversation Patricia Soley-Bertran give me the opportunity to work together, around the same issues. Never, even in my best dreams, I could imagine Rosi and Patricia’ names printed in the same article in El Pais with mine.

The situation made face the need of a “professional” identity. Identity is a complex subject, in philosophical and physiological terms, but articles about “professional identity” often are focus on what do you do best, your “expertise”. What is my expertise? Why I should pick one?

It looks like I love academic people, yes I do!.

Let me tell you something, when organizing TEDxBarcelonaWomen 2015 I proposed Michael Kimmel as speaker, but some people feel it was a “too academic profile”. Just some days before TEDWomen2016 in Monterrey invite Michel for a memorable speech, it was not “too” academic anymore.

In this point Anatoly Lezhen was around, he works with academic people too. Anatoly and Coby has present me lot of things. First was the discovery of Brooklyn and an unforgettable trip, for lot of reasons, and last (and I hope not least) a name, solutions. I have never ended with such a name without you.

My best male friend, Jordi Pinós, has the ability to hit me where it hurt. He has not only followed the long process of designing my web, also has convinced me that I should be the “conductor of the orchestra” like Maria Schneider. Let’s see what happen, I will keep you informed.

At that point I’m convinced that this is the continuation of a long and exciting story, something that is happening because of lot of amazing people I have around, something it’s not 100% mine, something is not 100% new anymore.

Thanks for been part of this!